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Making Little Changes for a Big Difference

“Have you ever thought that everything will kill us, so why bother changing?” 

I know this feeling too well, but I'm here to share something different and hopeful.

Hi, I’m Triin-Liis. On April 1st, I am embarking on a journey to connect different ideas and areas for better environmental health and personal well-being. Not for jokes but for real change. 

It’s a journey about making our world and ourselves better, even when it may seem pointless at times (as everything will kill us anyway, I hear you saying again…).

A year ago, I wouldn’t believe it if you told me I'd be here, talking about starting a personal brand focused on helping people to connect the dots to see their surroundings and its impact holistically. But here I am, ready to make a difference.

I used to hear people say, “Everything’s bad for us, so why try?” But I’ve spent seven years learning about how our homes and lifestyles can be healthier, and I know that’s not true. Our choices do count. Small steps by each of us can lead to big changes for our world and ourselves.

This new path I'm on? It’s about turning those feelings of giving up into actions of hope and strength. I want to share what I know, spark changes, and bring together people who believe we can make things better.

I’m inviting you, whoever you are, to join this journey. Whether you care about living greener, growing personally, or just feeling better in life, you belong here.

Let’s start this together. Follow me, and let’s show everyone that good changes are real and they start with us.

See you there!

Join the journey:

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