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Happy Earth Day!

It's a day that brings a mix of emotions for me. On one hand, when I delve into how our society treats our Earth (often as if we have another planet to move to once we finish destroying this one), I feel ashamed to call myself human.

But on the other hand, I see many beautiful people and businesses really pushing to make a change, challenging the consumerism mindset that seems to prevail among the majority of the population.

At Chameleon Sand Candle, it's becoming increasingly clear that in order to fully embrace the future and grow as a brand, we need to carefully consider everything we do, from our choice of packaging tapes to customer education. It seems there is still a need to educate and explain why we do things a certain way.

We know we're far from perfect, and for a small business, the challenges are real. We're constantly striving to find cost-effective solutions that are also environmentally friendly. Not to mention the building biologist in me, that needs to give her approval :D

It's a journey, and while we acknowledge that there's always room for improvement, I'm proud of the little changes we're implementing on an ongoing basis.

Read more what we have done with our brand:

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