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Would you like to earn extra $12,000 per year?

I find morning to be the most important part of my day and there seems to be a direct link between how well and smooth and productive my day will turn out to be and my morning routine.

Few years back there was a study that said that said people with strict morning routines earn $12,000 more per year.

It's no secret that being a so-called "morning person" comes with many health benefits, including a reduced risk of breast cancer and stronger mental health.

Over the years I have trialled different approaches and routines, changed them around fair bit and but there are some I have found work for me extremely well and I’d like to share these with you.

I start with Wim Hoff breathing exercise - you know the crazy wild looking guy that likes to hike barefoot in the snow?

Then I do whats called 6-stage meditation, its created by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of MindValley, if you didnt know. I find it to be fantastic with helping with visualisation and creating extremely calm mindset for a day.

After that there is some form of excercise, completely depening where I am in my cycle. Yes, ladies, if you didnt know, you should be adjusting your excercise routine and food you eat depending on your cycle.

Then Mr B needs his walk and time for me to tune into my daily learning - I love Mindvalley for this, its a wonderful source of high quality content and we have been doing quests from there with the whole Chameleon team.

Jumping into the pool all year round has also been something I have taken seriously, but I am not gonna lie, it is quite challenging during the winter mornings, but thats when I love the after feeling the most. You know, when the whole body is tingling and your cold house doesnt feel so cold anymore?

Then there are things like intermittent fasting, reading, journaling and activations that I also like doing regularly.

Obviously I dont do all that every single day, I mix and match and usually follow my intuition each morning with what I need for the day.

Whats your morning routine and why you do it?

Thanks for joining me. Its all about about connecting the dots and staying curious. See you next time!

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