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Welcome to
House Healing Solutions

Our passion is to bring more awareness to how the modern environment can contribute to ill-health. This is the very reason behind our business. 

Knowledge and sometimes just simple changes in your environment can make a huge difference in the way you feel in your space.

Many factors of the physical environment have a significant impact on day-to-day health and productivity, but it is often the interactions between multiple environmental factors that matter most.

And this is exactly where we come into the picture! Our Certified Building Biologist and Mould Testing Technician have a holistic approach and understanding of different factors in your surroundings, making sure the environment you live/work in is the healthiest it can be.

We can conduct electromagnetic field testing; assess the built environment for moisture and mould; conduct sampling for allergens, chemicals and particulates; provide advice on building healthy homes; provide recommendations on water filters; conduct pre-inspection audits; and provide advice on healthy personal care and cleaning products.

Looking forward to working with you!
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Meet Triin-Liis


A Certified Building Biologist, a WELL Accredited Professional and a Practitioner Member of the Australian Society of Building Biologists.


"This report was money well spent. 121 pages to absorb…a cuppa is definitely in order! We are encompassing every health and sustainable aspect we can for this build – within budget means. And a really important aspect is just how healthy your home is. We spend a lot of hours inside our homes and with the ever increasing amounts of electromagnetic fields, chemically laden products and a trend for ‘air tight’ houses it’s posing our health at risk."

Meet Kuno


A certified Mould Testing Technician with 10+ years experience in hazardous/toxic waste industry.

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