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Sustainable & Zero Emission Cabinets & Interior Design

Are you worried about the chemicals off-gassing from the various surfaces and cabinet boxes you are about to install? Are you concerned about where the raw materials for your next kitchen are coming from and how the manufacture of those is done?

I am so pleased to introduce Philippe from Ecocabinets.

His goal in creating this business was to offer customers high-quality interior design and project management, with a particular focus on sustainability. He is passionate about the environment and have found that with clever design and the careful selection of materials, renovations can result in minimal environmental impact.

He began his career as a trained chef in Switzerland, which impressed upon he the importance of ergonomics in design – style should never come at the expense of functionality. After achieving an Advanced Diploma of Industrial Design in 2001, he then spent seven years as an art director and set designer for productions in theatre, film and television. His time spent working in the Arts taught him the importance of visual impact when designing a space – the need for “wow” factor to complement functionality. After a further 7 years spent specialising in kitchen design, he felt it was time to start his own business where he could champion ecologically sound design practices.

Ecocabinets is all about:

  • zero emission boards

  • waterbased paints, glues and sealants

  • low VOC components

  • chain of custody panels

  • FSC (forest stewardship council) certified materials

  • F 4 star board

  • recycled timbers

  • recyclable componentry

  • informed recommendations of what to use and what to avoid

To find out more about Philippe's work and Ecocabinets, please visit:

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