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Office/Workplace Audit


  • Indoor Air Quality (assessed for contaminants such as fragrances; ambient air pollution of the indoor air; off-gassing of furniture; furnishings and finishes; building materials and so forth)

  • Mould and Sources of Moisture

  • Allergens (dander, dust, dust mites, chemicals in personal care and cleaning products)

  • Sources of electrical, magnetic and high frequency fields inside and outside the office and also high frequency transient spikes (aka “dirty electricity”)

  • Drinking water quality and recommendations on different water filters

  • Lead and Heavy Metals (spot tests can be carried out onsite to determine the presence of lead in paints and other materials, but samples are sometimes collected for laboratory analysis – from ceiling dust, soil, paint chips, house dust and more.)

       Lab samples may be incur additional costs.




  • Comprehensive formal written report (within 14 business days after your Audit, depending on the laboratory results taken) covering exposure standards, associated health concerns, recommendations and referrals if needed

  • Videos and photos taken during the Audit

  • Email/phone support for 1 month after the Audit


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