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"Foods play a major role in our wellbeing. They can either aggravate our health issues or promote our well-being. Same food can be beneficial for one person but aggravating for another. In my approach I have a strong focus on functionality of foods and I support every client individually. For the quickest and lasting results I often use food compatibility testing." says Kelli.

Kelli is a nutritionist and a naturopath with special interest in gut health and food compatibility. Since year 2010 she has loved her work in a busy pharmacy and a wellness clinic where she has conducted private consultations, trainings and seminars.

During the consultations she always wants to find the underlying cause of problems. She does approach every person individually with true care and will take into consideration their goals, lifestyles and preferences.

She believes it is important to remove the aggravating foods first and observe how the health is improving. Only if necessary she will prescribe supplements or send her clients to further testings. During the consultation she often analyzes her clients current diet and the most recent pathology results.

Kelli also has an awesome Youtube Channel where she talks about different topics like anti-inflammatory meal plans, tablet versus liquid supplements, best probiotic drinks, chocolate cravings etc.

Kelli is available for consultations online, over the phone or in person.

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